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Peru – 3 months healing diet

7on  March,  2012


Ayahuasca is the jungle medicine of the Upper Amazon and the "diet" is considered by shaman-healers to be an integral part of the healing work with this plant. The word healing is used by shamans in its widest context, to mean a change in the energies of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, leading to greater well-being, balance, and insight into the self, or the ability to let go of unhappy events, issues, and attachments which are causing illness or distress.

The diet seeks to enhance these purifying effects by reducing the intake of foodstuffs and other substances which do not work well in combination with ayahuasca. This facilitates a more powerful and pleasant experience by preparing the mind and spirit so we are attuned to the energies of the plants.

In the Amazon, diets can sometimes be strict, with the participant kept away from others, guided only by the shaman and staying in a jungle hut called a tambo, so he or she becomes one with the plants around him. Food may be only rice and water, brought once or twice a day. These procedures further reduce the participant's attachments to the outer world.

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